The Word That Comes To Your Mind First Reveals Something About You

The first word that came to peoples minds. A soft person with tolerance.

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LOVE When I think about the word LOVE I think about my husband.

The word that comes to your mind first reveals something about you. Its important to take a good look at yourself and figure out what that is. You are not only a deep thinker but highly creative as well. Your kindness is what defines you and there would come a time when you would find it returned when you need it the most.

The American Heritage Dictionary of. Death is indeed a fascinating thing and we all think about it from time to time. The first thing that comes to mind are fairies and other nonexistent things in life.

What did you see first in the images above. Also see bring to mind. Now think about those words and write a little something about each of them.

The first is introspection which involves you concentrating on your own thought processes and discovering how they operate. Trigger word or not youll feeeeeeel something when your eyes hit that screen and you read that word. Embrace all opinions and ideas.

Synonyms for come to mind include leap to mind spring to mind strike hit come to dawn on cross your mind occur to suggest itself and occur. You spend a lot of your time analyzing things and it feels good to use your brain. The First Word That Comes To Mind Lyrics.

That feeling will subside once you realize you have hit something. With great understanding and sympathizing skills you embrace all opinions and ideas. It is difficult to be an honest person but you know the value of this trait and otherwise appreciate it in you.

Or your eyes could read that word and similar to the Hulk something in your DNA alters and you FEEL. The fact that this word caught your attention means that you have indeed been obsessed with this word. If you see the word LONER then Your personality is deeply analytical.

Love you all. You also have a. If you saw the faces first It means you a very people oriented.

For this game a person says a random word and then the next person has to say the first word that comes to mind after reading the previous persons word. Without thinking write down those 3 first words that come up to your mind- Heres my challenge to those reading this post. First Word That Comes To Mind.

Since beauty of humans will go away one day as we are made up of the 5 elements of the nature where as God the immortal who created beauty is the standard definition of beauty. A soft person. Ill expand on each of them now.

We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. It is the only colour other than black and white which dont really qualify that can be both cold and warm at the same time – what a perfect self-representation. If you saw this word first then you are sincere true and honest Although there are negative words on the list you were drawn to honest because you are the kind of person who likes being upfront with people.

Have great understanding skills. Welcome to the Dane Ken Family Road to 5k Thanks to all my DK family for your continuous support. The second thing that comes to mind is heartbreaking.

It could be nothing it could have no affect on you. What You See First Will Reveal Your Hidden Personality. Flagging a post will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review.

When you come back to that sentence six weeks or three months or a year from now whenever you begin the revising process most likely a better word will enter your mind when you re-read the sentence. At ten oclock the old the long out-of-print science fiction writer announced it was his bedtime There was one last thing he wanted to say to us to. I quickly wrote down the first words that came to mind before reading the rest of your post.

Answer 1 of 18. Most people are liars. And I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he calledhis holy people who are his rich and glorious inheritance Today we can also ask the Spirit to open our eyes to see the truth.

Your thoughts are at times all you need to occupy you. If you saw the word loner first then you are probably very mindful and. The first word that comes to my mind when I hear the word beauty is SHIVA.

This phrase replaced the earlier come in mind which dates from the late 1300s. It is as though you have an eye in your mind that gives you direct access to your mental landscape just as your real eyes give you direct access to the world of vision. The First Word That Enters Your Mind Will Reveal Your Personality.

Mine are LOVE DESIGN and CALM. Besides what we usually do at the toilet. Be recollected occur to one as in A new idea just came to mind.

The Image You See First In This Personality Test Reveals Your True Personality And Dominant Traits. Also to me this. Or you have people on your mind a lot of the time.

Whether it be doing something you regret or not doing something you regret. You spend much of your time in deep thought. Purple is my favourite colour.

Whatever comes your way.

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